These are some of the things my clients say about my work.

The best way to care about people is… to care about them. Alex cares. Very high level of language competence meets passion and patience along with engaged listening and clarity of explanations. All of this is an amazing value combo spiced by his unique personality. Fully recommended!
Michal Grzeskowiak,
Polyglot, Public Speaker/Life Coach, Poland

Alex is an outstanding teacher. He has a deep understanding of language learning, and really tailors conversations to the student’s goals. He’s empathetic and patient, but pushes you to work hard – a perfect combination for results. Totally book with Alex. I met with a handful of language teachers for single sessions, who were all very nice, but Alex was the first one that made me think – oh! I found my teacher! I look forward to our sessions every time, and you will too!
Valerie Nygaard,
Senior Product Manager/Google, USA

Alex is an exceptional human being. He knows how to motivate people and has an incredible level of emotional empathy that allows him to completely get the needs of a language learner. He’s worked in this field for many years now and He can definitely take you to new heights in your journey. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND HIM.
Alberto Arrighini,
Founder of ItalianoAutomatico, Italy

Alex is an awesome coach, tutor, polyglot and person! I had been looking for a good German tutor for quite a long time, and I can confidently say that he’s one of, if not the, best coach/tutor I’ve ever had. As a fellow polyglot myself, and having taken many lessons with many different professors, finding one that really suits me in each language has always been difficult. Alex is not only a tutor, he is also a coach. That means, he has gone through the process of language learning many times, from different angles and with different goals, and he doesn’t only teach the target language per se, but also the underlying principles for effective learning, in any and every language. I’ll gladly continue my German lessons, to improve my language skills, and to have a good excuse for having great conversations with an incredibly wise guy.
Jerónimo Perez Rey,
Polyglot, High School Student, Argentina

I always loved learning languages, but lessons with Alex have made me extra motivated! After just a month I can feel a good progress and German lessons turned out from a routine to an amazing experience, I’m looking forward every time.
Alex concentrates on student’s weak sides, we discuss real life examples and my homework is simply incredible and never boring. It really helped me to bridge the gulf between grammar tasks and actual communication. Now I even think in German!
Lisa Konysheva,
Software Developer, Russia/Germany

Alex is really a fantastic teacher! He is a polyglot and clearly loves learning languages himself so he understands what it means to be a student. You wouldn’t be able to tell, but German isn’t his native language which I would say is actually an advantage as a German teacher. He can give answers to your questions that make more sense to someone learning German. Seriously, you can ask him anything and not only will he answer it but he will give you a new perspective on it. Alex can provide a structured way to learn German, but will always encourage you and help you reach the goals you have set for yourself. I would absolutely recommend Alex as a German teacher.
Isaac Shanley,
IT Student, USA

Alex is a great teacher with deep understanding of what does it mean to learn a new language. His ability to engage me in a conversation in German when I was absolute beginner was very motivating and definitely speeded up my learning process. I found it also very helpful that he is able to explain the trickiest and most complex subjects by drawing on examples from other languages that he mastered, such as French or Polish.

I am looking forward to each class with growing confidence in my language skills!

Krzys Górski
Legal Analyst, Poland/Switzerland

For the time that we take classes with Alex, we are really happy with our progress. Only in one month Alex taught us how to speak simple German and we already can use it in our everyday life. Alex is a genuine tutor who will boost your desire to know more about the language. Lessons with him are always fun and productive. We really like that he always gives us conversational phrases and words in addition to standard vocabulary and teaches us an actual language. We definitely recommend Alex as a great coach!
Liza Tsatsina & Alex Ivantsov,
Software Developers, Russia/Germany

Alex is a patient teacher, he is always helpful and we had lots of fun during the class. Alex communicates clearly and effectively with students. We also learned about lots of interesting German culture during the classes. Overall, Alex is a amazing teacher, there’s no doubt that everyone can make a big progress in German with Alex.

Honglian An,
Marketing Manager, China

Alex is a superb teacher and his study method really works. His perfect approach, dedication, and his devotion to his work were really helpful to make me feel more confident with my first contact with the German language. I feel comfortable in the lessons because Alex is very encouraging teacher. Working with him was funny and gratifying and Alex was patient and friendly. I will definitely work with him again!
Ivan Vasilev,
Graphic Designer, Portugal/Bulgaria

Alex was great in acknowledging how challenging learning a new language was for all of us. He is very patient as well as very capable in reading our abilities beyond what I thought we could achieve – learning German is one of the hardest languages for me so far. I mean, I never thought I would be able to have conversations with native German speakers. For this I thank him. His skills gave us confidence in ourselves to practice, to sound silly to eventually sound fluent. I definitely recommend Alex as a great language instructor.
Sandra Alexandre,
Graphic Designer, Canada

I did not learn German before and took just several classes before my relocation to Germany. Then was trying to learn and practice German by myself but without real success. With Alex it was much systematic and fun as well. We found really good books and he sent the links to some practical videos and exercises. After one month of taking classes I passed a test at a German language school and got B1 and that was a really nice surprise for me. But the most important thing that I now feel more confident with my German and try to communicate with the native speakers as much as possible.
Lena Fedulova, 
Energy Consultant, Russia/Germany

My first lesson with Alex and I am super happy!!! He is very prepared and supportive. He gave me different useful links and learning material as well as learning tips to improve my skills! I would definitely recommend him : )
Agnese Bellina,
Master Student, Italy

The lessons with Alex are always engaging. He’s good at balancing the act of stretching you where you need to go language-wise, but is sensitive enough to know when to change tack, and do something else for the benefit of the lesson. Thank you for the lesson today!
Jascinth Williams,
Editor/Proofreader, England

Alex is a born, natural, intelligent, and respectful teacher. It is a great experience to learn from him.
Kevin Cooklin,
Artist, USA/Canada

Working with Alex is incredible. His enthusiasm and his ability to explain things in detail are incredible, yet his main focus is on fluent communication. He also has many tips and suggestions to make language learning fun and effective, so now I feel more confident in my learning efforts. Thanks Alex! 🙂
Ricardo Ribeiro,
Life Coach, Language Teacher, Portugal/Poland

My intro lesson with Alex was very motivating. Alex immediately challenged me and motivated me to work towards my goal. Whenever a new word came up during our discussion he would write it in the Skype chat so that I could review it later. I look forward to speaking with you again, Alex. I have already recommended you to my co-worker who has just started learning German. Danke! Cheers!
Svein Ollestad,
Polyglot, Project Manager, Norway

I really enjoyed this lesson! Even though I struggle a lot with the Russian language and specifically speaking, I felt instantly comfortable talking and making mistakes, as he was supportive, patient and a very nice conversation partner. Bolshoe spasibo, Alex!
Carolien Caspers,
Environment Specialist, The Netherlands

As a polyglot Alex understands language acquisition. He uses spaced repetition in the classes which is great. Also he can look at a language from the perspective of someone learning it as a second language and explain a concept that many native speakers perhaps would find difficult to explain. So far the classes have been productive and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next one!
Nathaniel Cook,
IT Specialist, USA

Alex worked with me over the hour on language learning skills. Any one item we discussed appears very simple but putting it all together was extremely helpful. This was a great hour spent to move move me forward. I highly recommend Alex for language or language skills. He is motivating, friendly and I can see a good partner in the language journey.
Stephen Baker,
Lawyer & Tax Accountant, USA