Language Mentoring


I offer Polyglot Mentoring to all language learners. Success principles in language learning are the same regardless of the language. Together we will work out a system that will work for you, and I will help you see it through and achieve your goals (or exceed your expectations, if you wish so).

As I speak 10 languages and have varying degrees of knowledge in several other ones, it is probable that I have a certain level of knowledge in your target language, however, it is not really important.

Who is this offer for?

Please see below if one or more of the following are about you:

  • you are only starting to learn the language and do not know where to begin with
  • you feel that you reached a plateau in language learning and stopped improving and you want to change that
  • you want to create a unique language learning system adapted to your needs and interests that brings results fast
  • you feel overwhelmed in the market full of promises, techniques, approaches, programs, apps and products and find it hard to understand what actually works and is worth your time and money
  • you find it hard to find time for language learning, however, you would like to continue learning anyway
  • you need motivation from somebody who has been there, understands your needs, who will be there for you to watch your progress, provide accountability and support
  • you need advice regarding preparation for language exams and efficient methods that will help you fulfill your potential and show your best regardless of your level and language
  • you need any other type of professional help regarding language learning.

If one or more of the points above were about you, I will help you. You will get knowledge, support, motivation and accountability that will simply not let you fail or stop halfway. You will reach your language goals and, if you wish so, over time achieve a lot more than you previously envisioned.

This offer can potentially save you thousands of dollars and months, if not years, of confusion and frustration.

Important. If twenty years with languages taught me anything, it is that language learning requires commitment and time and there are no shortcuts. I love achieving results in life and I want students who will succeed. If you are not ready to invest time and effort daily (5 hrs/week minimum), I cannot help.

However, if you are motivated, ready to work and have a reason to succeed, I want to hear from you ASAP.

P.S. I am not a big language school that is a money-making business only. I am a real person who is genuinely willing to help.

Contact me HERE to schedule a free trial 30 minute session to get to know each other and discuss your needs and plan of sessions that would work for you.