About Me

About Me

My name is Alex Voloza. I was born in Ukraine in 1986 in a Russian-speaking family. I was not particularly talented in languages and even fell behind the English school program. My parents got me a private English-language tutor who sparked my interest in languages. That changed my life forever.

As a teenager, I won several all-Ukrainian English language contests. I got an MA degree in Translation/Interpreting (German/English/Ukrainian) from Kiev National University and an MA degree in Languages from Mainz University (1,2 average). At 25, I committed to achieving an advanced level across 10 languages, reached it by 35, and this experience shaped my life and my teaching philosophy.

I currently speak Russian, German, English, Ukrainian, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Croatian. I got a German C2 Goethe Certificate (highest grade) in 2008, an ÖSD C2 (highest grade) Certificate and a TELC C2 Certificate in 2021. My other language certificates include English CAE C2 (maximum score), Brazilian Portuguese CELPE BRAS C2, Spanish SIELE C1, Polish C1, Croatian C1, Italian CELI C1 and French DALF C1.

I travel full-time, all the while teaching and mentoring online. I have visited 103 countries thus achieving my goal of visiting 100 countries before 35 and I keep discovering new beautiful places, having spent recent months in East Africa and Kyrgyzstan. I climbed Kilimanjaro in December 2016 and it showed me yet again that we can do a lot more than what we think we are capable of.

Beside reaching my personal goals I want to concentrate even more on helping others. The more I teach and mentor, the more I am convinced that anyone can succeed in language learning regardless of age and experience. Speaking 3-4 foreign languages fluently is an achievable goal for most of us and the rewards are life-changing.

I know first-hand that the pursuit is not always easy. Many people get frustrated and give up along the way but this should not be the case. It is about doing the right things with the right attitude. I would like to touch more lives with my experience as a teacher and mentor and contribute to making this world a little more multilingual and a happier place.